300mW waterproof flashlight laser pointer

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Power:300mW Laser Pointers
Color:Green Laser Pointer
The weight:140g

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1.The flashlight 300mw green laser pointer is straight cylinder, with floral pattern anti-slip lines on the surface, fells very cool
2.Aviation aluminum meterial with plating surface, feels smooth and nice
3.Adjustable focusing, could light matches
4.300mW adjustable focusing, could light matches ( black matches) and black shopping bags
5.18650 rechargeable batteries, can be used repeatedly
6.Green light as a classical laser source, the intensity of light is the 6 times of the red light, with high technology and reliable quality
7.powerful 200mW could reach 10000m

Product Specifications :
1.Key Feature: green laser
2.Material: Aviation aluminum
3.Surface Treatment: plating ,feels smooth and nice
4.Operating mode :soft touch
5.Power supply: 1*18650
6.Wavelength: 532nm
7.Output power: 300mw laser pointer
8.Laser range: 5000-10000 meters
9.Working voltage: DC3V
10.Working temperature :0~+35Celsius degree
11.Size : 30mm*145mm
12.N.W: 140g
13.Adjustable Focus, continuous output

Packing Details :
1x 532nm green laser pointer flashlight 300mW with adjustable focus
1x packing box

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