Green Laser Pointer 500mW 532nm Visible Dot Beam Burns Match Flashlight

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Power:500mW Laser Pointers
Color:Green Laser Pointer
Wavelength :532nm
Pattern :Dot

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The 500mw green laser comes with all-black design and a safety key lock. Inbuilt radiator for long service life, the surface of laser diode is made of aviation aluminum that making it very solid, and then finished with rubber paint that for better handheld. Adjustable focus, flashlight style, work with bright laser beam like a Rod Laser Sword for long-distance visibility(Maximum upto 10000 meters). Furthermore, you can also call laser engraver, there is no doubt that it can do this job. Spotlight with star-like spot that can be focused to burn, so please follow the instructions to use laser pointer 500mw in case for casual damage.

Green 500mW Laser Specifications :

* Class: IV
* Output Power: 500mW
* Laser Color: Green
* Wavelength: 532nm
* Laser Pattern: Single Point
* Beam Type: Continuous Wave
* Focus: Adjustable
* Size: 15mm x 167mm
* Weight: 200g
* Material: Aviation Aluminum
* Laser Finish: Rubber Paint
* Switch: Push Button Constant On/Off
* Laser Range: 3000-5000 Meters
* Power Supply: 1*18650 Battery
* Battery Lifetime: 30-120mins
* Expected Lifetime: 5,000 Hours
* Warranty: 12 Months
* Working Current: 3.7V @ 1A-2A
* Working Voltage: DC = 3.7V
* Working Temperature: 14°F ~ 86°F
* Storage Temperature: 14°F ~ 104°F

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Whats in the box
1x Green 500mW Laser Pointer
1x Manuals
2x Safety Keys
1x 18650 Rechargeable Battery
1x Charger
1x Package Box


1. Don’t point laser pen at faces or eyes
2. Don’t point lazer beams at aircraft
3. Don’t point green laser at vehicles
4. Don’t hold laser pointer on the skin
5. Don’t point 500mw lasers at animals for any reason
6. Don’t give burning laser pointers to children
7. Master the correct installation method of the battery(Please refer to the picture)
8. If you find a serious reduction in laserpointer key lock beam brightness, please pay attention to the battery charge or replace the battery


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