Powerful 1000mW blue laser flashlight

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Power:1000mW Laser Pointers
Color:Blue Laser Pointer

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This powerful 1000mw blue laser produces a beam of extremely powerful and impressive blue,Blue laser flashlight fix focusing can burn cigarette ,matches, firecrackers, burst balloons, at night, it can reach the distance of 5000 meters above the visible star, clearly visible beam of light at night this laser can burn plastic or paper in just a few seconds.
This laser comes with safety glasses.

wavelength: 445nm
Laser power: 1000mW (1W)
Projection distance:> 3000m
Batteries: CR2 x 2pcs
Battery life> 2:00
Changeable focus (from 1cm to infinite distance)

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Package Contents:

– 1 x 1000mW blue laser
– 1 x box
– 1 x goggles
– 1 x 16340 rechargeable battery
– 1 x 16340 battery charger
– 1 xUniversal charge

Delivery Time:

Usually 7-15 days by Air Mail
Less than a week by UPS / DHL


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